practicalli (youtube)
practicalli-john 2020-03-15T09:49:26.038Z

Today's Broadcast: Scraping the web with Clojure This week we will look at the basics of scraping the web with Clojure. There are plenty of tools to do this, however, we will look at using the Enlive library to understand how it works. Enlive can be used for generating dynamic content for server side web applications using templates. Templates are written in HTML and Clojure code uses Selectors (HTML tags and CSS styles) to inject data dynamically into the templates, making dynamically generated web pages. This selector based approach is very useful for extracting specific content from web pages, making web scraping much easier. We will walk though the basics of Enlive and scraping a few sites to see what can be achieved. I will also show how a simple way to cache the website you are scraping in Clojure, so you dont keep hitting the website unnecessarily.