practicalli (youtube)

I have enjoyed your videos and writing and I am looking forward to digging into the Banking App - it has some similarities to what I want to do so I’m sure I’ll learn a lot- As a suggestion one thing I would love to see in the future is a move from h2 -> Postgresql -> Crux

practicalli-john 2020-07-24T14:47:14.197100Z

H2 and Postgresql should be covered in the new series and am actively adding content to the Practicalli Clojure WebApps book. I was planning on h2 > Postgresql > Datomic at some point. Crux should also be included as I do have a bit of relevant commercial experience I should be able to turn into something interesting Datomic and Crux may take a bit more thinking about before I broadcast anything interesting 🙂

practicalli-john 2020-07-24T14:49:29.199100Z

Live Broadcast - Saturday 09:00 UTC+1 (United Kingdom time) Start of a series covering the development of an online Bank web application using Clojure. Its early stages of the project and builds on the web application server from the previous broadcast. The web application system is developed, along with a basic server-side web user interface using mock data. An in-memory database is being used for the initial development which will use PostgreSQL for testing and live environments. Deployment will be on Heroku using a test and production environments pipeline, so changes can go through user acceptance testing before being promoted to live. This project is being actively developed at which includes a link to the code shared so far. The project is wired up to CircleCI and hopefully add Heroku before the broadcast.

raymcdermott 2020-07-24T18:33:11.199400Z

oh man yeah AWS sucks b4lls

raymcdermott 2020-07-24T18:33:59.200Z

how about packet or of course the Clojure built cloud at exoscale?