practicalli (youtube)
raymcdermott 2020-07-27T06:17:19.216200Z

afaik the they are both proprietary APIs for mobile services backend (BAAS) and appsync is a firebase alternative ... which are nice but not the most basic starting points

practicalli-john 2020-07-27T09:49:44.226600Z

AWS Beanstalk had always been a very constrainted environment even for the Cloud. I will take another look though. AWS Amplify looks interesting, but documentation suggests most of the benefit comes when developing with Amplify libraries. Curious to know if this would make using the range of AWS services simpler or if it's just a specific set of API's. This info seems to be behind a login firewall. Static websites are far easier with GitHub/GitLab, so wouldn't naturally turn to AWS for that unless related apps and services were also on AWS. Lots of Cloud services to try after I've build more apps and services in Clojure 😁


Why not put it in Docker? It could deploy on Heroku and 100 other places plus as a microservice it could interact with other Docker apps

practicalli-john 2020-07-29T08:08:12.247900Z

Do you have working examples of how to do this?

practicalli-john 2020-07-29T08:15:51.248100Z

I found this article, but it seems a lot more work than I currently need to do. I wouldn't run Postgesql inside docker container, especially not for production, so that would reduce the complexity a but, but it seems I still need to deploy the container somewhere after all the setup to build it. Any suggestions on that would be helpful.

practicalli-john 2020-07-27T20:18:42.236Z

Deploying in docker requires more work than adding a couple of files and running git push to a repository and letting Heroku do the rest. The focus of Practicali at the moment is mostly development, so am using the quickest approach I know to deploy applications. Using a Docker container will be something I do once more application development content is made. There is a process to getting docker containers deployed on different environments and I don't have a good approach for that yet, so it will have to wait a while longer. If you have suggestions of Docker tutorials that cover building and deploying docker images, I can try and squeeze that in, otherwise its overhead I dont really have time for as there are so many aspects of Clojure development I want to cover.