practicalli (youtube)
nando 2020-08-12T18:10:04.294600Z

I'm closely following the banking on clojure series and developing a parallel app as a learning exercise. At the moment, I'm trying to work out how to inspect the request and response maps that ring generates. I'm not sure if I can do that directly through the REPL somehow, or if I can, or should, output them to the browser in some way.

nando 2020-08-12T18:12:19.296400Z

Stumbling over lots of little details like these that I know very well in other languages.

nando 2020-08-12T18:15:04.298400Z

I'm also trying to figure out how to assoc and get params from request so that data can be passed through the application from one function to another. Very elementary stuff, but any tips or pointers to tutorials that cover these details would be helpful.