practicalli (youtube)
practicalli-john 2020-08-21T11:45:48.004700Z

Hello all, I am feeling better today so will try and get something ready for the weekend. I've update aliases for REBL and CIDER in the repository. • REBL now uses a version from Maven central, so no need to download the jar file separately, also updated the names and made Java11 the default • CIDER: added aliases to run a REPL that contains the cider-middleware, enabling cider-connect-* commands to work correctly (assumes CIDER 0.25 or greater) If there are tools missing from this configuration, please let me know.

nando 2020-08-21T20:02:36.005900Z

I'm really happy to hear that John. If you are going to do a live stream, will you let us know ahead of time when you will start?

practicalli-john 2020-08-21T22:09:25.009800Z

Sorry, but I didn’t get enough done today for a coherent live broadcast on Saturday morning, It seems I am not quite 100%. I will be doing some more work over the weekend and push some more updates to the Clojure WebApps book.