practicalli (youtube)
practicalli-john 2020-08-28T09:38:35.011900Z

Hello all, I hope you havent missed the live broadcasts too much. I am not quite 100% but will start the broadcasts again from tomorrow morning, Saturday 29th.

practicalli-john 2020-08-28T09:42:14.013400Z

I have added some background material during the week: • (more discussion and ideas to add here, but should help visualise the banking on clojure project structure) I have also upated the page on using REBL data browser, now that its part of the Cognitect dev-tools project, including updated to the practicalli/clojure-deps.edn project with aliases for running REBL, including running REPL with an nREPL server so CIDER (Spacemacs/Emacs) can connect to REBL's repl.

practicalli-john 2020-08-28T09:50:31.013700Z

Next Live Broadcast - Saturday 09:00 UTC+1 (United Kingdom time) Continuing the series covering the development of an online Bank web application using Clojure. This time we are adding database access and SQL queries to persist data for the application, initially using H2 in-memory database. Take a look at the previous video that walks through the application server and initial front end web pages.

practicalli-john 2020-08-28T18:37:07.019400Z

Today I got H2 and Postgresql databases working with next.jdbc (H2 was easy, postgres a little trick as I was using a JDBC connection string). I've got an initial table design and codified that in Clojure, although there are still a few queries to write. I'm using environment variables for the remote database strings, so I am not checking in any sensitive details into the codebase. Heroku postgres will use the environment variable I add to the banking-on-clojure app, so I can use the same environment variables locally and on Heroku. I'll start putting in some data and then try and wire up some handlers to insert and read data from the database. I'll write this up on Practicalli Clojure WebApps on Saturday afternoon (as its raining)