practicalli (youtube)
practicalli-john 2020-09-05T10:25:18.013700Z

Appologies about the time setting of the YouTube broadcast today, it seems YouTube changed the time when I edited the description. I've scheduled next weekends broadcast already where we will continue with the banking on clojure project.

practicalli-john 2020-09-05T11:30:13.017400Z

I've updated library versions for the user-wide aliases in using antq (included as the :outdated alias in this configuration). If you are looking for a complete set of tools to support Clojure development with the CLI tools (deps.edn) this take a look (or fork it, its Creative Commons). I use the practicalli/clojure-deps-edn configuration throughout the book. I would be interested to know if anything breaks, is missing or is not clear.

practicalli-john 2020-09-05T11:33:53.020400Z

There will be some changes coming to the Clojure CLI tools in the way it works, especially around the flags used for the command line. These changes look very promising and should improve way the CLI tool works and how it is used. However, there may be a few things that need to change in the way CLI tools is called. I will be updating practicalli/clojure-deps-edn with these changes by the time they are released (which is still a little while away)

porkostomus 2020-09-05T19:11:02.026700Z

I'm really enjoying the "Banking on Clojure" series. I'm working on my first real production app for a job that is currently Windows Forms (C#) and MySQL. I've already gotten the ok from my employer to do parts of it in Clojure so I'm starting with the data models, but I've never managed a project of this scale before. I've looked at Sean's usermanager repo but you can only learn so much by looking at code, so I've been learning a lot from your explanations. Thank you!

practicalli-john 2020-09-05T23:50:28.026900Z

Thinks slowed down a bit with the project last month as I was ill, but should be able to speed things up a bit more. My SQL was so rusty though, that slowed me down a bit until I found DBeaver. I am looking to borrow some things from Sean's UserManager repo (and the integrant version) and explain them (so I know I understand them). I plan to start with Mount as I find Component quite verbose (and a bit to Java-like). I find the journey to get to the code more enlightening that just looking at the end result, but an end result does help guide the journey very well. Feel free to ask any questions and thanks for joining in.