practicalli (youtube)
practicalli-john 2020-09-29T15:19:23.037300Z

So far this week I've been reviewing how to create my own project templates for the Clojure CLI tool, using seancorfiled/clj-new project. Seems fairly straight forward, so will be adding some content and a video around that in the next couple of weeks. I've fixed the Kaocha test runner configuration. I mistakenly called the configuration file test.edn rather than tests.edn, which didn't help 🙂 I'll be adding more content to the book on configuring Kaocha soon. I've refactored the* namespaces to make them simpler and identified some generic functions that help reduce the code required. I've also added code to create and delete the H2 database, which is called from the handler-helper-test namespace as part of a fixture (setup/teardown) use for all the tests. The builds on CircleCi should now work again, once I've checked in all the new code later this afternoon.