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practicalli-john 2020-10-31T00:10:06.126400Z

I'll go through the challenge called Bob, an alegedly easy level challenge. The hardest part of this challenge I found was understanding the right rules and which to order to apply them in. The challenge was also an opportunity to learn some more patterns for use as regular expressions, there are many variations of patterns used.

practicalli-john 2020-10-31T11:14:44.129900Z

Thanks to everyone who joined the broadcast today. I have updated the project to include a deps.edn file, so the project can also be run with Clojure CLI tools as well as Leiningen. The deps.edn file includes the test directory to support the cider runner, although this normally would be included as an alias rather than a main path. I've also added more examples of regular expressions and dropped the use of $ with re-matches as it implicitly manages the boundaries. I'll be adding the examples from bob to the section of the book.


Many thanks John. I confess I spent most of the session unable to get Emacs+Spacemacs+Cider to run tests on a Leiningen project. I decided to try deps and ever since have been watching homebrew install the Clojure CLI (plus an entire universe worth of dependencies) on this laptop ever since.

practicalli-john 2020-10-31T18:06:28.130300Z

Strange, a Leiningen project should work straight out of the box once the Clojure layer is added to Spacemacs. Things to check would be the version of Leiningen, which should be 2.9.x ideally. Unlike Clojure CLI tools, with Leiningen there is nothing to add to the configuration in order for Cider test runner to find the test code.

practicalli-john 2020-10-31T18:06:37.130500Z

I dont have a Mac, so havent used Homebrew. Hopefully the Clojure CLI tools installed okay. Take a look at my user level configuration to add lots of useful community tools


Everything works after installing the Clojure command line tool (which took all morning/afternoon and involved downloading and compiling the entire internet). Prior to that, cider and nrepl only worked partially…


So if stuff isn’t working for you, the lesson to remember to download and compile the whole internet.

practicalli-john 2020-10-31T20:45:37.131100Z

I think most of the dependencies Clojure CLI tools downloads are for managing maven dependencies... That helps you download even more of the internet.... but at least it's just lots of small packages 😁


Ah cool thanks - I do a have a (really old) profiles.clj… though I’m not sure why this would screw things up:

{:user {:plugins [[lein-ancient "0.6.15"]]
        :dependencies []}}
^^^ ironic that I have a (really old) lein-ancient in there 😺