practicalli (youtube)
amithgeorge 2020-12-23T11:10:19.301400Z

Hi, I am following the steps in your Came across a few things that tripped me up a bit. Only reached the first chapter or so, will add more as I see them.

amithgeorge 2020-12-24T10:06:35.304300Z

Thank you! I will continue posting things I observe. In the section on, it recommends using fd. However the suggests installing the "" package. At that point in the book, it is not explained how to install a single package given Spacemacs layers concept. And my initial poking around, it doesn't look like this package is installed by the config you have provided. I am not sure whether this is explained in further chapters, if yes, maybe we can link to there.

practicalli-john 2020-12-24T11:56:25.304900Z

@amithgeorge I've removed the hint to install fd. Initially I thought it would speed up helm-find across the file system, however, using helm-locate instead was much more effective. SPC p f is another efficient way to find files within the scope of a project, I assume this does the same as find-file-in-project. I dont cover installing packages directly, as one of the main reasons for using Spacemacs is to use its layer system to avoid the work (and potential conflicts) of configuring packages. There is documentation at that covers such customisation, so no need to repeat that in the Practicalli book. I added a page about layers to the introduction which points to this approach as a note at the end. Thank you.

practicalli-john 2020-12-25T01:26:45.305700Z

I've added the fd section back again, now I've discovered why I started adding it. The fd external binary is used by Projectile to index the files of a project, if its not a version controlled project (eg. projectile would use git to list project files in a git versioned project). I havent noticed any slow-down, although I'm fairly sure all my projects are version controlled. I've explained fd in its own section of the page and added a note to say no additional Emacs packages are required.

amithgeorge 2020-12-23T11:11:04.301500Z

Newer versions of homebrew give an error when doing

brew cask install <emacs>
and instead ask you to do
brew install --cask <emacs>

amithgeorge 2020-12-23T11:14:58.301800Z

Font installation. The in the repo specifies "Fira Code" as the font. However the step doesn't seem to install this font on OSX. This is problematic especially because, if emacs can't find the font, it, like the font size. It took a while to figure this out. I am not sure whether that step is supposed to install this font or not. I see that this font is mentioned as a dependency in the readme for the config repo, it wasn't clear to me whether it need to be installed separately or whether the prev step took care of it.

joetague 2020-12-23T11:19:10.302400Z

It looks like Practicalli is open for issues/PR contributions:

joetague 2020-12-23T11:20:06.302600Z

Are there PRs you could contribute for the things you are noticing?

practicalli-john 2020-12-23T12:01:55.302800Z

@amithgeorge Hello, thanks for reaching out. I am unable to test on a Mac, so your feedback is invaluable. Thanks

practicalli-john 2020-12-23T12:05:38.303Z

For homebrew I was using which uses the command in the book. It seems there is also which uses the command you suggest, as it uses Emacs for OXS which was the distribution of Emacs I used a few years ago when I did have access to a Mac. I will update the book to the command you are using and include both links.

practicalli-john 2020-12-23T12:33:19.303500Z

@amithgeorge I'm just pushing an update to the book about installing Fira Code as the font, which should add clarity. I've hopefully made it clearer that the Emacs command only installs fonts for the modeline.

practicalli-john 2020-12-23T12:34:16.303700Z

Feel free to @ mention me if you find anything that blocks you with the book or configuration. Thank you.