practicalli (youtube)
Hagenek 2021-05-09T10:33:23.100800Z

Hey John. Just wanted to wish you a speedy recovery!! I am using your spacemacs setup and tutorial, loving the org-journal mode. Very grateful for the work you have put in. As for things to do: I find doing structural editing very hard in emacs. Things like when umatched expressions appear and its hard to kill etc. In general working with evil and structural editing is hard. Maybe you already have videos on it, but I wish your tutorial on it was a bit more extensive 😃

practicalli-john 2021-05-09T11:51:58.101Z


practicalli-john 2021-05-09T14:51:10.101100Z

Good idea. Using Evil editing style with structured editing can be a bit tricky. Evil can also so some useful editing of structured code. I'll start writing down all things I do with both and put together a video.