practicalli (youtube)
Mateusz Mazurczak 2021-06-01T20:49:48.011900Z

Hi, after getting practicalli config. When I open clj files I get “unable to find installed server supporting this file” . And the only option is to install “clojure-lsp” but after choosing it, the emacs freezes and stops responding.

practicalli-john 2021-06-08T10:29:13.012200Z

Appologies for missing this message. If you do not need lsp features, then remove the comment from clojure-backend 'cider in the Clojure layer configuration.

(clojure :variables
              clojure-backend 'cider               ;; use cider and disable lsp
              ;; clojure-enable-linters 'clj-kondo    ;; clj-kondo included in lsp
              cider-repl-display-help-banner nil      ;; disable help banner
              cider-pprint-fn 'fipp                   ;; fast pretty printing
              clojure-indent-style 'align-arguments
              clojure-align-forms-automatically t
              clojure-toplevel-inside-comment-form t  ;; evaluate expressions in comment as top level
              cider-result-overlay-position 'at-point ;; results shown right after expression
              cider-overlays-use-font-lock t
              cider-repl-buffer-size-limit 100        ;; limit lines shown in REPL buffer

practicalli-john 2021-06-08T10:30:28.012400Z

If you do wish to use LSP, make sure you are using the Spacemacs version 0.300.x rather than the much older version 0.200. The version is displayed in the top right corner of the Spacemacs home buffer, SPC b h

Mateusz Mazurczak 2021-06-08T12:18:48.014200Z

@jr0cket yeah, no problem, I have version 0.300.0@27.2, and still when I press enter while this notification is comming up, my emacs freezes and I can’t escape it :/. I will try uncommenting it, thanks.

practicalli-john 2021-06-08T12:37:41.014400Z

I believe its trying to install clojure-lsp binary. If you wish to use lsp, then try downloading clojure-lsp binary and place it on the operating system execution path. Then restart Emacs and it should not try and download this binary file.