dmh43 2016-04-27T07:57:13.000010Z

I’m wondering if maybe I’m redrawing too much unnecessarily

dmh43 2016-04-27T07:57:52.000011Z

@szymon_k: Here is the repo I’m working on https://github.com/dmh43/Pain-Tetris

dmh43 2016-04-27T07:58:54.000013Z

The drawing functionality is in core.cljs and draw.cljs

dmh43 2016-04-27T08:44:55.000014Z

Well this is embarrassing! I used chrome’s profiling tools, this issue has nothing to do with Quil :simple_smile:

dmh43 2016-04-27T08:45:13.000015Z

But feel free to play my game and give me all kinds of feedback!

szymon_k 2016-04-27T11:17:26.000016Z

:simple_smile: 👍 where was the problem though? (out of curiosity)

dmh43 2016-04-27T17:14:53.000017Z

One of my functions is doing a lot of unnecessary work, I haven’t had time to track down exactly what it is though

dmh43 2016-04-27T17:15:27.000018Z

But I think somehow the calculation gets more and more expensive as more pieces are added to the game, which made me think it was an issue with how I was drawing the pieces