theeternalpulse 2017-09-12T03:29:42.000131Z

Anyone know a way I would be able to leave a running quil sketch open while updating and eval the update function and have it reflect in the already open instance?

reefersleep 2017-09-12T05:32:02.000113Z

Do you mean at production time and not at development time?

reefersleep 2017-09-12T05:35:33.000018Z

I think a simple answer to your question is: put the function in an atom and update it there when needed, deref it where you want to call the function...?

reefersleep 2017-09-12T05:36:01.000016Z

But I don't understand the context 🙂

reefersleep 2017-09-12T06:48:53.000245Z


theeternalpulse 2017-09-12T17:18:39.000405Z

actually it worked, I was changing the wrong function setup instead of the draw function.