Anyone writing Quil this weekend? I just did my first run through the introduction of The Nature of Code. https://github.com/ericcervin/nature-of-quil/tree/master/src/nature_of_quil

RollACaster 2019-02-12T17:43:03.000100Z

I just read the online version https://natureofcode.com/book


Alright. I'll get back to work on it this weekend. So far, I've only done the examples but maybe I'll do the exercises as well.


Which version of the book did you work from, @thsojka?


i did a little; if you're interested https://github.com/schmalz/play-quil-gaussian-random-walker/blob/master/project.clj (my 9-to-5 means that i always seem to be learning from scratch again every time i come back to it 😣)


you're welcome - i really should get around to updating it to respond to ctl-s


Good stuff. Happy to see fun-mode in use. I'm 100% going to pinch your save-frame-to-disk function. I think I knew how to use :mouse-clicked before my last period of inactivity and forgetfulness.