RollACaster 2019-10-13T08:11:11.012Z

Here’s my version of circle packing https://github.com/rollacaster/sketches/blob/master/src/sketches/generative_artistry/circle_packing.cljs I created it after following the tutorial here https://generativeartistry.com/tutorials/circle-packing/ It’s not an ideomatic solution because I didn’t understand what that meant when I wrote this code. 😄 but it gets better 🙂 When I find the time, I try to refactor the sketch again with everything I’ve learned since then.

Zac Bir 2019-10-13T11:38:28.013400Z

Aha, idiomatic or not, I hadn’t realized it was possible to have multiple recurs in a loop.

Zac Bir 2019-10-13T11:38:47.013800Z

That will likely solve my issue

Zac Bir 2019-10-13T11:39:08.014400Z

(Or inlining some if statements)

Zac Bir 2019-10-13T11:42:06.015300Z

Is there a clear winner for cljs development on iOS with Quil?

Zac Bir 2019-10-13T11:42:41.016200Z

Would settle for P5.js (though I know this isn’t the proper channel for that)

Zac Bir 2019-10-13T11:47:03.017500Z

I’ve found and installed Replete, but it seems (?) like it’s more geared towards line-by-line evaluations and I’m not sure you can’t install 3rd party libraries

RollACaster 2019-10-13T12:59:19.021400Z

If you use Quil >=v. with cljs, p5.js will be used under the hood. I’ve never tried Replete, but I’m currently porting a React Native app from JS to CLJS with re-natal and it works very well with all JS 3rd party libs so far. I haven’t tried using Quil, but I guess I’d try using it along with react-native-canvas.