craftybones 2021-03-07T08:40:52.004Z

I asked this over in #cider but somebody here might have an idea too. Moving to jdk8 causes cider to start throwing exceptions

craftybones 2021-03-07T08:41:00.004300Z

ERROR: Unhandled REPL handler exception processing message {:op eldoc, :ns user, :sym clojure.core, :session 58ec4a68-f90e-4730-b48c-6ea94a8f23d8, :id 73}
java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.sun.tools.javac.util.List

craftybones 2021-03-07T08:41:18.004800Z

Anyone else using quil on Java with emacs/cider?

craftybones 2021-03-07T08:41:38.005200Z

cljs obviously won’t have this problem

craftybones 2021-03-07T09:36:22.006200Z

Ok. Interesting, I switched to cljs.

lein new quil-cljs foo
And a lein figwheel bombs with
Could not Analyze  resources/public/js/development/quil/middlewares/navigation_3d.cljc  ----

  Assert failed: Circular dependency detected, quil.middlewares.navigation-3d -> quil.core -> quil.core

craftybones 2021-03-07T09:46:41.006400Z

Ignore 😄

craftybones 2021-03-07T09:46:47.006700Z

I had named the project quil accidentally