plexus 2021-04-26T06:13:35.011500Z

I've used it on and off over the years, played a bunch with it when we organized ClojureBridge Berlin events. And also when we did "Land of Quil" for the Clojure Cup back in the day. http://landofquil.clojureverse.org/

plexus 2021-04-26T06:15:13.012700Z

Most recently I experimented with using it for games together with a physics engine https://github.com/lambdaisland/cljbox2d/blob/main/demo/cljbox2d/demo.cljc but in the end decided to do it in the browser with Pixi.js, and to drop the physics engine , this led to https://github.com/lambdaisland/puck which wraps Pixi.js and some other libraries.

plexus 2021-04-26T06:15:57.013300Z

Always happy to help!