@rnait1977 if AI computation takes longer, you naturally want to move it into a web worker, so that it runs in parallel and does not block rendering. If you are using Shadow-cljs, it is relatively easy to set up your computation in web worker.

Rabie 2020-07-08T15:18:58.308700Z

@pavel.klavik Thank you. I'll check this out

steveb8n 2020-07-07T01:42:12.293200Z

@lucio FYI I’ve setup this repo to test/iterate on using your lib

Lu 2020-07-07T06:14:39.294400Z

Looks nice! I’ll keep an eye on it :) @steveb8n

steveb8n 2020-07-07T07:25:13.295400Z

there is one question that came from it. if you have the time to clone/run, you’ll see in in the Bulma devcard. rendering looks funny

Lu 2020-07-07T10:31:56.295500Z


Could not locate shadow/cljs/devtools/cli__init.class, shadow/cljs/devtools/cli.clj or shadow/cljs/devtools/cli.cljc on classpath.
when trying to run

Lu 2020-07-07T10:32:43.295800Z

Tried with a different shadow-cljs project and I can run it

andre 2020-07-07T15:10:05.296400Z


andre 2020-07-07T15:11:56.297900Z

in re-frame-10x for tracing components rendering static-fns from reagent had been monkeypatched, but in latest reagent alpha releases it was removed , are there any plans to integrate tracing in reagent ?


@andre Thanks for the heads up. We'll have to have a look. I absolutely want to trace reagent renders. In fact, we've been doing recent work on re-frame-debux to ensure we can better trace into view components (ie. into literal vectors) I'm not very clear on the recent Reagent changes.


We might need to delay any work on alpha Reagent until it settles down


Or maybe ask for a proper API