tugh 2020-11-12T07:51:32.308300Z

alternative solution feels too low level. i also wouldnt do such a thing 🙂 thanks for your answer! 🙌

Oliver George 2020-11-12T09:05:18.309600Z

Today's thought exercise inspired by

Oliver George 2020-11-12T09:06:02.310700Z

Could you record the re-frame event loop as a transcript and replay it later to prove your handlers still work as expected.

Oliver George 2020-11-12T09:06:29.311400Z

I imagine for each step you'd want to record the effects and db changes as tests

Oliver George 2020-11-12T09:17:50.315300Z

You'd need the coeffects and event to replay the handler in a way that is likely to give a consistent return value form the handler