Francesco Sardo 2021-01-04T08:33:09.150100Z

That's so interesting to read, thanks for sharing this Mike. It sounds quite similar to what we use in my current project (and it's a plain React app, no cljs)

Francesco Sardo 2021-01-04T08:33:13.150500Z

It's fascinating to see how much more clojurescrip-ish the React ecosystem has become, they copied some good ideas but unfortunately completely ignored the core concepts behind those ideas.

erwinrooijakkers 2021-01-04T14:08:25.151800Z

Are there any libraries or ideas for only performing effects (like backend calls) for components that are actually visible on the user’s screen? Maybe by utilizing js/IntersectionObserver? Maybe by not even loading the component using a library?

clyfe 2021-01-04T19:28:10.153500Z

Has a plan distilled for re-frame instances? The idea is 5 years old at this point and there are a few forks. I'm happy to do some work if there i an agreed path.

p-himik 2021-01-04T19:30:50.153600Z

FWIW it seems to me that such questions usually get much better traction in re-frame's GitHub issues. I'm pretty sure there's one (at least) that is about separate instances or at least touches on the idea.

clyfe 2021-01-04T19:36:47.153800Z

Ty, forwarded here

mafcocinco 2021-01-04T23:12:28.159100Z

Newbie question about performance: reading through the re-frame documentation on reusable-components, I found the implications section interesting WRT to how generic one can make a component. The first question I had (and perhaps this is covered elsewhere in the documentation?) was related to performance. I don’t have deep understanding about how re-frame determines if a component needs to be re-rendered but I would assume that the same subscription (something like :fetch/from-app-db) with distinct parameters (in this case, different path vectors) would result in distinct instances within the signal graph? I.e. a layer 2 or layer 3 node within the tree is distinct based on subscription-name+parameters, not just subscription-name? Is this a correct assumption and, if not, how does re-frame prevent multiple UI elements from re-rendering when they subscribe to the same subscription but with different parameters?

mafcocinco 2021-01-04T23:13:48.160700Z

Follow up question, if my assumption above is correct, are there negative performance implications to having a generic layer 2 subscription which simply extracts data from the app-db based on a path that it is passed when it is subscribed to? This would seem quite useful in any effort to make a generic component library with reasonable defaults, as many/all of the components could use the same subscription to extract data (at least as a default).

mafcocinco 2021-01-04T23:14:37.160900Z



@mafcocinco Indeed, subscriptions are identified by the entire subscription vector So (subscribe [:a 1]) is a different node in the Signal graph to (subscribe [:a 2]) In light of this information, have a read through

mafcocinco 2021-01-04T23:53:28.164200Z

Thanks @mikethompson !