p-himik 2021-03-01T00:02:47.112500Z

I see, right. Although "path is identity" and "[sub-]collections have identity" don't fit quite well in my head (by sub-collection I mean a subset of entities within some existing set). No matter what path-as-identity a sub-collection might have, it will require some special path handling because you won't be able to simply get-in.


@smith.adriane Some some web apps are a thin veneer over a remote, authoritative database. In that case, database identities tend to dominate. In other cases, the SPA manages quite a complicated data model itself, without much reference to an authoritative remote database, in which case path based identities will be very useful.

wotbrew 2021-03-01T09:16:14.116700Z

A bit late to the db convo yesterday, but quick plug on my lib for fast queries via indexed clojure datastructures that should work well for re-frame, one to add to the 'what to use for app-db' list.

isak 2021-03-03T16:17:51.118800Z

Very cool. Felt this one from the problems it addresses: > proliferation of -by-this or -by-that type locals (or worse args, or keys) that only serve as fast paths to your actual data.