(if-let [the-val @(subscribe [::the-val])]
  [:div the-val]
  (dispatch [::retrieve-the-val]))


I'm looking into but the docs about developing on 10x seem out of date. They talk about running lein but there's no project.clj in the example TodoMVC anymore, it's shadow now


Does it work with local changes even so?

p-himik 2021-07-02T23:34:24.268500Z

The outdated documentation deserves an issue on its own. ;) While I've never done it myself, hacking on your local copy of re-frame-10x with its TodoMVC example should be possible, given that its shadow-cljs config specifies the right :source-paths. Do note the comment about though - it seems to be important given that :source-paths include gen-src.