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Did you export your components?

Gleb Posobin 2020-07-24T16:37:17.057800Z

Any idea why a component may not be updating in a firefox extension content script? Basically doing

(def test-atom (r/atom {}))
(defn test-comp [] [:div "Test " (:text @test-atom)])
(defn init []
  (let [el (. js/document createElement "div")]
    (rdom/render [test-comp] el)
    (.. js/document -body (appendChild el))
    (swap! test-atom assoc :text "works"))))
in the extension's content script produces a div with "Test", not "Test works". It works in chrome but not firefox. The atom is being changed, but test-comp is not being rerendered. Have tried with swapping render and appendChild, same result.

Gleb Posobin 2020-07-24T17:45:40.059400Z

After a couple of hours of debugging reagent, discovered that this has been fixed and I have been using an outdated version of reagent 🤦