A minimalistic ClojureScript interface to React.js
Steven Deobald 2021-01-02T15:10:40.476800Z

Is there a simple way to cause a :typeahead to refresh the :selections atom every time a key is pressed? I don't see the behaviour described in the docs ( of the list popping down when the atom is set... but it's also very likely I'm misreading those docs. I don't see anything in the source that would do that, either. From experimenting with this, I can update an atom externally (due to a button press or something, ajax or otherwise) but I don't see an obvious way to hook :on-change to manually set the atom... unless the expectation is simply to make the ajax call in the :data-source fn?

Steven Deobald 2021-01-02T15:12:36.478700Z

(Additionally, I'd be quite happy to be on the receiving end of advice regarding reagent-forms in general and whether or not people still use it in production. The webapp I'm building is internal and doesn't require a lot of fancy JavaScript, so I don't need re-frame or anything like that. I'm really liking how small and simple Reagent is so far.