A minimalistic ClojureScript interface to React.js
bibiki 2021-01-25T23:21:04.012900Z

hi, I am trying to use reagent-forms/bind-fields with react-semantic-ui but for some reason, it is not working. I know precisely how to make it work when using plain old hiccup to build my form, but not when using ui/Form here is my code:

(defn trainer-form []
  (let [x [:div [:> ui/Form
                 [:> ui/Form.Input {:label "Firstname" :width 3 :id "firstname" :field :text}]
                 [:> ui/Form.Input {:label "Lastname" :width 3 :field :text :id :aaa}]
                 [:> ui/Form.Input {:label "IG Link" :width 3 :field :text :id :bbb}]
    (fn [] [bind-fields x trainer])))

(defn my-trainer-form []
  (fn []
    [bind-fields [:div
                  [:input {:field :text :id :firstname}]
                  [:input {:field :text :id :lastname}]
                  [:input {:id :iglink :field :text}]] trainer]))
my-trainer-form works fine, but trainer-form does not. now, my understanding is that ui/Form.Input fails to do the thing that :field :text in [:input {:field :text}] in hiccup does. would anyone have an idea how to fix this? thanks

bibiki 2021-01-25T23:25:31.014300Z

if I change my Form.Input to [:> Form.Field [:input {:field :text :id :firstname}]] it works fine

bibiki 2021-01-25T23:26:30.015200Z

so, the solution would be to find the way to tell Form.Field to put :field :text to the input it generates. anyone had to go through this?

bibiki 2021-01-25T23:40:27.016600Z

it seems to me that reagent-forms assumes hiccup data structure go to it as input, whereas cljsjs.semantic-ui-react does not return hiccup... I guess, I will have to resort to hiccup for forms