A minimalistic ClojureScript interface to React.js
andre 2021-04-08T04:47:51.093700Z


andre 2021-04-08T04:48:07.094200Z

(let [old-argv (.. c -props -argv)
                         new-argv (.-argv nextprops)
                         noargv (or (nil? old-argv) (nil? new-argv))]
                       (nil? f) (or noargv (try (not= old-argv new-argv)

andre 2021-04-08T04:48:28.094500Z

this is part of


andre 2021-04-08T04:49:00.095100Z

but first element in argv is components, so noargv will never happen

andre 2021-04-08T04:49:30.095800Z

does it make sense to compare same components each time for components without parameters ?

andre 2021-04-08T05:32:03.096500Z

anyway its pretty fast i guess