ring-swagger & compojure-api
mgrbyte 2017-10-06T11:15:50.000038Z

@ikitommi Wondering if s/map-of is supported with spec-tools 0.4.0-SNAPSHOT + compojure-api 2.0.0-alpha7? (still getting a class-cast exception when using spec coercion) ?

ikitommi 2017-10-06T14:04:36.000066Z

@mgrbyte I think we need to provide a 100% test suite for all of the specs to make sure everything works. Could you write an issue with a failing spec?

mgrbyte 2017-10-09T09:27:37.000305Z

@ikitommi will you be at conj? I'm flying out tomorrow... if you are I'll buy you 🍻 , thanks for your ultra-quick responses and help πŸ™‚

ikitommi 2017-10-09T11:06:40.000177Z

@mgrbyte Would have liked to come, but sadly too busy. Will miss SYNC too, on vacation then. Hopefully there will be another time for the 🍻 πŸ™‚

mgrbyte 2017-10-09T11:07:18.000076Z

πŸ‘ πŸ™‚ thx again!

mgrbyte 2017-10-06T14:04:54.000113Z

Sure, will do

mgrbyte 2017-10-06T14:06:39.000438Z

Not which is the right repo for this (compojure-api, ring-swagger, spec-tools) Imagine the last?

ikitommi 2017-10-06T14:08:37.000567Z

spec-tools sounds right.

mgrbyte 2017-10-06T14:12:32.000052Z

hmm, should mention that this exception only happens when attempting to render the swagger UI

eoliphant 2017-10-06T17:50:52.000228Z

Hi I have an API endpoint (on 1.1.11) where I’m sending in a couple top level vars, one is a string the other is an object/map. Not sure how to grab the map β€˜as is’

:body-params [{mapvar :- >>NOT SURE WHAT GOES HERE<< {}}, stringvar :- String]

ikitommi 2017-10-06T18:14:03.000258Z

@eoliphant s/Any stands for Anything, {s/Any s/Any} would Map with any keys & values.

eoliphant 2017-10-06T18:26:20.000004Z


eoliphant 2017-10-06T18:26:24.000407Z

awesome thanks