ring-swagger & compojure-api
slipset 2017-10-19T08:16:28.000406Z

@ikitommi works like a charm!

slipset 2017-10-19T08:28:26.000057Z

So my problem was that I made a predicate that was not json-confomant? ie, had I made a predicate like datetime? I’d be good?

ikitommi 2017-10-19T08:38:11.000038Z

Your approach is sound, now that there is guard for the pred serialization. Good that you didn't use datetime? as the bug woudn't be caught.

ikitommi 2017-10-19T08:39:02.000277Z

inst? would have works oob btw.

ikitommi 2017-10-19T08:39:44.000104Z

Here are the spec type resolution rules: https://github.com/metosin/spec-tools/blob/master/src/spec_tools/parse.cljc