ring-swagger & compojure-api
ikitommi 2018-01-22T06:38:10.000024Z

@psalaberria002 for spec, add a :json-schema/example data to spec records (fields), like https://github.com/metosin/spec-tools#generating-json-schemas. With schema, here’s an example: https://github.com/metosin/ring-swagger#adding-description-to-schemas.

ikitommi 2018-01-22T06:41:07.000101Z

Plan has been to move the Schema-related stuff from ring-swagger to schema-tools to clean things up and to support ClojureScript & OpenApi3. Coercion has already been copied there and for ClojureScript. Lots of issues laying around if someone want’s to contribute 😉

ikitommi 2018-01-22T06:42:13.000129Z

Openapi3 would support full examples (and more!).