ring-swagger & compojure-api
ikitommi 2018-03-16T05:17:39.000141Z

@bja haven’t used that, so I guess no.

ikitommi 2018-03-16T05:19:06.000125Z

for spec users, spec-tools 0.6.2-SNAPSHOT supports self-contained dynamic conforming, whatever that mean 🙂

miikka 2018-03-16T08:48:57.000163Z

I updated the migration guide: https://github.com/metosin/compojure-api/wiki/Migration-Guide-to-2.0.0

miikka 2018-03-16T08:49:23.000291Z

But if anyone notices that something is missing, please go ahead and fix it yourself or at least let us know

macroz 2018-03-16T08:58:38.000003Z

hello from Joel, I promised to ask questions about compojure-api for him since he doesn't want to join yet another random slack 😉

miikka 2018-03-16T08:59:00.000101Z


macroz 2018-03-16T09:01:51.000049Z

i just vomited a bit on the parameter destruction defnk syntax

macroz 2018-03-16T09:02:05.000520Z

so far everything works :thumbsup:

macroz 2018-03-16T09:07:37.000030Z

the documentation for optional parameters maybe can be improved

miikka 2018-03-16T09:07:57.000049Z

Contributions to the documentation are welcome for sure 🙂

macroz 2018-03-16T09:07:59.000113Z

and nested contexts

macroz 2018-03-16T09:09:08.000106Z

can't promise anything 'cos we are quite busy but I'll keep that in mind

fingertoe 2018-03-16T23:05:07.000111Z

If I want my API to be accessible from another server, do I need to add an option to allow it? I keep getting :last-method”GET” :last-error” [0]” :last-error-code6 :debug-message”Http response at 400 or 500 level”