ring-swagger & compojure-api
Daouda 2018-12-02T02:54:51.000300Z

heeeeeeeeeelp 🙂

Daouda 2018-12-02T02:55:18.000800Z

i am writing my http test

Daouda 2018-12-02T02:55:58.001700Z

i am creating a new object using post, that object has an id

Daouda 2018-12-02T02:56:13.002Z

the id is incremental

Daouda 2018-12-02T02:56:37.002500Z

i don't knoa how to get the id much in my test 😞

Daouda 2018-12-02T02:58:21.002600Z

Here is my test

Daouda 2018-12-02T03:41:53.003500Z

i finally got it working 🙂

Daouda 2018-12-02T18:33:08.004100Z

hey guys, need you to rescue me please hehehe

Daouda 2018-12-02T18:34:07.005100Z

i am testing my API endpoints and would like to know how do i take the id as path-parameter

Daouda 2018-12-02T18:37:52.005500Z

Where is what i've tried so far