ring-swagger & compojure-api
ikitommi 2018-12-11T06:42:54.075400Z

ikitommi 2018-12-11T06:44:07.077Z

my slack client seems out-of-sync, can’t see that reply from yesterday from mobile.

ikitommi 2018-12-11T06:44:47.077600Z

anyway, wrote on issue to Aleph, so it could host the 3-arity version via a option: https://github.com/ztellman/aleph/issues/439


curious, is compojure-api 2.0 in alpha just because there aren't enough people testing it and there are still issues being found?


or is it blocked by spec coming out of alpha or something like that

ikitommi 2018-12-11T20:31:47.086Z

@nickmbailey because of spec, 2.* has tens of thousands of downloads, breakages get reported (and hopefully fixed) quickly. Our oldest project in prod with it was... 2016 I guess.

ikitommi 2018-12-11T20:33:11.088Z

would need time to write better docs to push it out. Spec being alpha has given a good excuse not to hurry with those.

ikitommi 2018-12-11T20:34:39.089300Z

anyone with mad documentation skills and some extra time?


got it


i have neither of those haha


i'm trying to decide if i want to start diving into spec and possibly start swapping out schema for it


but i either need to write everything in both schema and spec or rewrite it all at once and upgrade compojure-api


kind of sounded like in rich's keynote that spec wasn't coming out of alpha in the near future