davesnowdon 2016-06-07T11:53:16.000003Z

Am curious to know on this channel who is interested in physical robots (eg NAO, mindstorms, Jibo etc) versus software 'bots (eg bots for messaging).

davesnowdon 2016-06-07T11:53:19.000004Z

Physical robots

davesnowdon 2016-06-07T11:53:27.000005Z

Software 'bots

davesnowdon 2016-06-07T11:54:01.000006Z

(don't know if there's a better way of doing a quick & dirty poll in slack other than using reactions)

davesnowdon 2016-06-07T16:56:24.000007Z

Not specifically clojure related but might be of interest:

ccann 2016-06-07T19:09:25.000009Z

I used to work at Aldebaran for anyone w/ questions about Nao / Pepper

ccann 2016-06-07T19:09:35.000010Z

and a close friend works at Jibo