sb 2019-06-01T17:52:17.002900Z

Do you use raspbian or other (arch-ubuntu server) linux on rpi?

sb 2019-06-01T17:52:59.003400Z

Sounds interesting the cljs thing, I will test on the next week.

sb 2019-06-01T17:54:15.004500Z

Btw I work with Arduino-ESP sensors and RPIs, but mainly with C and just at serverside with Clojure/Java.


We use a buildroot-based image. We do heavy lifting in C++ and use node for high-level management, monitoring and as a tunnel to the server side. Our C++ code is heavily multi-threaded, so we are not concerned with idle cores. We do not manage js modules exports properly for CS to invoke JS, so we used shadow-cljs to build a library to be invoked from JS. I must add that I failed to convince the team to use CS over JS, so we ended up with no CS code on the rpi

sb 2019-06-02T14:49:38.006Z

Thanks the infos!

sb 2019-06-02T14:51:11.007800Z

Yes, ..without shadow-cljs ..could be hard. Tomorrow I check on my rpi3 with Ubuntu server image (not IoT).


@kulminaator I would be very interested to know if you find the zulu jdk performant enough to do any meaningful work on the rpi