@sb what do you intend it for, if I might ask?

sb 2019-06-03T15:50:24.014200Z

I work on a IoT management solution.

sb 2019-06-03T15:51:15.014900Z

Not exactly robots, smart homes etc.


If you take this path (node, clojurescript) you should be aware that some node packages might not cross-compile out of the box. I had an issue with child_process, for example. I tried to link with host libraries. Although it was an exception, other dependencies were built smoothly

kulminaator 2019-06-03T17:35:11.015300Z

have you looked at olimex boards too ?

kulminaator 2019-06-03T17:35:39.015800Z

they have some pretty nice ones (better i/o than rpi and even native sata ... )

kulminaator 2019-06-03T17:35:58.016100Z

they are using the same allwinner cpu that pine64 folks do

kulminaator 2019-06-03T17:37:56.016500Z have a look around ... they have something on the a64 cpu too

sb 2019-06-03T20:58:20.018700Z

Hmm.. Thanks!