Very nice boards, indeed. Huge overkill for our application, but definitely worth considering. Thanks a bunch

kulminaator 2019-06-04T17:00:42.001300Z

btw. got the ubuntu server 18.04 to boot on the raspberry pi 3+ as well , the difference from raspbian is that this is the true aarch64 and isn't trying to be backwards compatible with older raspberry boards ... and i have no problem with that 😄

kulminaator 2019-06-04T17:01:54.002700Z

upside is that openjdk shipped from ubuntu boys is installable just with "apt install " , and that has no issues with maven https ssl either, just works ... seems to be a bit snappier too than the zulu once it's up and running (maybe the zulu was just suffering from arm32hf backward compatibility extra calls, don't know)