Hello everyone! We are streaming again today, here's the link:


This morning will be spent a little bit on promotional activities for the project, but I should be getting into more Clojure-related stuff later in the morning and this afternoon. Twitch will keep recordings of the livestreams up for a couple weeks, so if you guys would like to check out past streams then that's a possibility, but I've also got a youtube channel set up where you can watch the stream recordings as well! Hope to see some of you there 🙂

pez 2021-01-07T14:53:56.008700Z

You have a subscriber now (two even, haha)! My winter leave is over so can’t watch at this time. Nice with an archive.


Can't blame you for focusing on your day job instead of watching other people work all day! I've been considering adding a Saturday stream and shifting my weekends a bit so I can reach a broader audience, we'll see if it pans out.


Hey everyone! We're getting into the Clojure stuff for real now that I've got the foundations laid for the project. I'm streaming now if you'd like to check it out, or you can take a look after the fact from the stream recordings on Twitch/YouTube: