Hey everyone, happy Friday! If you're looking for a nice way to ease out of the workweek and ease into the weekend, I'd love to see you on the stream! I've had a bunch of community members show up, and a few have even helped me debug and refine my functions in the chat, so that's been really great. We start in just a few minutes: We'll be building out some game page templates today in Hiccup and Tailwind CSS. Not the most "Clojure"-ish content necessarily, but I've been quite enamoured with Tailwind so far. It is really dead simple and super powerful, so much easier to pick up that Bootstrap or Material. If you do frontend development and are looking to pick up a new CSS utility library, you may be interested to take a look at what developing with it is like. Next week is going to be the week for game logic code, so you can look forward to that then :)

bringe 2021-01-15T18:21:33.000500Z

I was recommended Tailwind by a front-end savvy friend, interested to try it myself!


It's fantastic, I must say. I hadn't touched it at all until last week and I feel very confident and productive with it already. And because it encourages you to build everything with utility classes, it's amazingly easy to copy the markup for a UI component. This site has been great for basic UI patterns: A quick pass through this HTML to Hiccup converter and you've got instant UI:

bringe 2021-01-15T21:56:54.001400Z

Ah nice!