Hey everybody, we're at the end of month one! And wow ... it has been a ride. I'll have a summary post on this first month's efforts to share with you on Monday, but given the amount of work left to do and the pace with which it's getting done, I don't think we're gonna finish on time. There's just too much left to do for the Plotters game in order to get something up which is playable, nevermind something that I could realistically charge money for. However! There is plenty of time this morning to get as far as we can get. I'm gonna start the day with a little morning code challenge warmup and see what progress there is to be had before 12:00 EST. After that I'm going to abide by the rules of the game I've built for myself and move on to Startup 2, but maybe we'll have a "Month one revisited" thing sometime in the future. Anyway, if you'd like to join here's the Twitch link, and back-recordings of streams are available on YouTube too! • •

pez 2021-01-29T15:39:15.023500Z

Apropos Rich comments, @andyfry01. It can be taken quite far. I like the Design Journal idea that @jr0cket recommends here:

pez 2021-01-29T15:42:12.025900Z

Full disclosure: I am myself quite a bit more unstructured than that, but I often leave cleaned up versions of my experimentation comment forms with the “finished” code. They are great for future me when returning to the code months later.


@pez Using comment form playgrounds as living documentation is definitely something I've turned over in my mind a bit this week! If I was doing this in a big team or in some kind of corporate context, I might even go so far as to do it right below each function for ease of reference:

(defn a-func [args]
  (apply + args))

  ; It can add 1 and 1
  (a-func '(1 1))
  ; Did you know? It can also add 1 and 2
  (a-func '(1 2)))
Which is a bit overkill for the scale I'm working on, but maybe when I've got 15 people working for me 👹

pez 2021-01-29T19:20:01.030Z

I'm hoping for you remembering the days when you had only 15 people working for you. 😍

bringe 2021-01-29T21:40:17.030300Z

Great first month either way, I'd say!