pez 2021-02-28T13:20:53.017200Z

I still have on my todo to check out that Ramda JS video you posted about @andyfry01. I got reminded today because I had reasons to try find Rafal Dittwald’s fantastic talk where he uses JavaScript to demonstrate how Clojurians solve problems. Recommended! And (I am just speculating here) maybe with Ramda JS you can take it even closer to what we enjoy in Clojure.


I literally just started that talk the other day and ended up having to stop it a few minutes in, I will pick it up this afternoon and finish it!


Christopher Okhravi has such a nice way about him, I really love how he thinks and how he explains a topic. Another really good set of videos from him is this three-part series on Functional Reactive Programming, where he build a Reactive X-style observable library from scratch:


A project idea I've been kicking around in my head a lot is something where you demonstrate a concept or build a little app, but you do it in multiple languages side-by-side. I'd call it "Polyglot" or something like that. Could be a really interesting way to look at a problem from a few different angles and also get some "market reach" into people who wouldn't engage with your video/article if they're only interested in JS material or only interested in Clojure material for example.

kevinmershon 2021-02-28T18:55:16.022100Z

@andyfry01 I did that once with a friend, for a dev meetup, to prove why clojure is succinct and interesting

kevinmershon 2021-02-28T18:57:15.023Z

@andyfry01 this


Oh sweet, I'll check that out. Looks like you guys took it way farther than I am thinking! That's like 5 languages right there.