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Helins 2021-04-16T09:32:44.005800Z

I didn't because it's very basic at the moment. You can only use static methods with ints and floats. I like the fact they want to rely on WASM features, like waiting the the GC proposal to be implemented instead actually implementint their own GC. So it's gonna be a long while before we can execute proper JVM bytecode.

Helins 2021-04-16T09:34:11.007300Z

However, some projects are doing the opposite as well, run WASM bytecode on the JVM. This in contrast is bound to fail, I believe. One example, the tail call proposal. The JVM simply does not have that kind of feature and trying to emulate it has very tangible limits.


Thanks for the explaination @adam678 (also thanks for adding me). It’s an interesting space!